Jezebel Lixxx

Wait…. who is Jezebel Lixxx??

Author Jezebel LixxxJezebel Lixxx is the secret pen name for New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author Shoshanna Evers (shhhh don’t tell). Jezebel write crazy-pants erotica, and really doesn’t care if her characters get a happily ever after, as long as they get each other off! She lives in a padded cell in the far corner of Shoshanna’s imagination, where she only comes out if she smells salted chocolate. You can’t even follow her on social media… but sometimes she Tweets for her boss.

She drew this picture for you.

velociraptor Jezebel Lixxx

What’s next for Jezebel Lixxx?

Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot by Jezebel Lixxx


Are you ready?

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Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot and Friends


Jezebel Lixxx — 15 Comments

  1. LMAO! Can’t wait to check out the books from Jezebel and her dinosaur shifter??? Your imagination has to be so fun to live in!!

  2. I’m laughing already. And the new name? Thanks, Diet Coke shot out my nose. Good luck with your new personality. lol

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