Author Shoshanna Evers at the Romanticon Book Signing

Author Shoshanna Evers at the Romanticon Book Signing

Shoshanna Evers AAD14 Booksigning

Author Appearances by Shoshanna Evers



New York City:
Shoshanna will be at the Romance Writers of America National Conference in New York City, July 22–25, 2015, and signing at the Literacy Autographing.

Readers! Join me for a HUGE book signing on July 22, 2015 5:30–7:30 p.m. ET, at the New York Marriott Marquis for the Literacy Autographing! 480+ romance authors will be signing their books, with proceeds from book sales benefiting literacy organizations. Learn more at


Video Appearance:

Live streaming interview is now a YouTube video called Indie Authors #42 Erotica with Shoshanna Evers. You can watch it on Youtube here!


Another live streaming interview, now a YouTube video called Shoshanna Evers on Writing, Marketing and Self Publishing Romance | PPP #29. You can watch it on YouTube here.




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  1. Thank you for your inspiration in How to Write Hot Sex. I found your knowledge on the subject of publishing pragmatic! Not every author is willing to help new writers on such a fundamental level. I’ve even summoned up the courage to sign on to twitter. I’m still learning but who knows maybe someday I’ll have something to “tweet”. After reading your excerpt I’m looking forward to downloading one of your books. Again, I really just wanted to say, Thank You.

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