Held Captive by the Cavemen

Held Captive By The Cavemen by Shoshanna EversHELD CAPTIVE BY THE CAVEMEN is available on AmazonSmashwords, and  Barnes & Noble.


Hold on to your seats and take the wild ride of eroticism with four very studly cavemen and one very willing woman.”
~Jeep Diva Reviews, 5 Stars!

Ellie’s been pushed back in time by her vengeful ex-lover. Now a tribe of frighteningly large, muscular, and very sexy cavemen are holding her captive. And they *all* want a turn.

Warning: This short novella contains dubious consent, forced seduction, the threat of real violence, some m/m action, and a four-cavemen-against-one-modern-woman gangbang—not rape. This is not a romance, it’s erotica. Just to be clear…happy reading.

An X-rated excerpt from HELD CAPTIVE BY THE CAVEMEN by Shoshanna Evers. Copyright Shoshanna Evers 2012 All rights reserved. 18 and older readers only.

 Hunter’s warm hands stroking her hair calmed her, and Ellie’s breathing normalized somewhat. Bigg still held her hands pinned above her head; Thudd and Kreg each held one of her legs to keep her from kicking.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she whispered, looking into Hunter’s deep brown eyes.

He cocked his head to the side, as if trying to understand her, his animal-tooth necklace stirring with his movement as if it were alive. Nodding, he got up, moving away from her. Was he going to make the men let her go? Did he understand her?

Hunter came back, holding a bloody piece of raw meat. He gestured to Bigg, who finally let go of his hold on her arms. She sat up and turned around, forgetting already that Bigg didn’t like to be looked at.

Readying herself for punishment, she flinched. Bigg laughed, his scar stretching across his jawline, but didn’t touch her.

Her stomach rolled. Not knowing when or if she’d be struck, when or if she’d be restrained, or fucked, was taking its toll on her. She felt like she needed to go back up into her tree and hide.

Hunter smiled at her and pressed the meat into her hand. It was still warm from the fresh kill.

Okay, so when I asked him not to hurt me, he thought I was asking for food. For food…first.

A bargain. An exchange. Food, protection, for her submission? It seemed like a deal she should take. With Kreg and Thudd still holding her legs as she sat with the bloody meat in her hand, it didn’t seem like she had much of a choice anyway.

And who knew how long it would be before she’d be able to go back to the future anyway? If she was stuck here—

Please God don’t let me be stuck here!

—then she needed what the tribe had to offer.

It wasn’t just that, either. As terrifying as the situation was, her fantasy of having four men at once was no longer just a fantasy. But in her fantasy, they all doted on her like she was their queen, not their prisoner.

But what about that other fantasy? Rough sex. It was taboo, and hot, and she liked to imagine it—even if she’d never had the opportunity to actually engage in it. And men like Tom weren’t into that sort of thing anyway. She’d asked him to hold her down once and he scoffed, acting like she wasn’t interested in him if she needed to be “kinky” to have sex with him.

Get it together Ellie. Just lie back, mix the two fantasies of rough sex and four men at once and you won’t need fucking counseling after this.

The plan seemed like it might work. If only Bigg wasn’t in the equation. He scared the hell out of her. He seemed like a…a sadist, maybe.

Just as the thought crossed her mind, Bigg made a guttural sound and pushed her down again, flat on her back. The meat, the food offering from Hunter that would imply her consent, lay limply in her hand, dripping blood down her arm.

“I’ll eat it, I’ll eat it,” she gasped, struggling to sit up again. She looked around wildly for Hunter, her protector, it seemed. He didn’t interfere.

He wanted to watch her eat the meat too.

Bile rose in throat. She’d never eaten raw meat before.

Just pretend you’re one of those raw-food hippies and go for it.

Touching the strip of meat to her lips, she tasted the coppery blood and gagged. Thudd said something, and the other men responded. She wished she knew what they were saying. If she had to guess, it was either a prayer over the food, or they thought she was ill since she couldn’t seem to eat perfectly good meat.

Worst case scenario, she ate and vomited, which would gross them out enough to go easy on her, perhaps.

Ellie shoved the meat in her mouth and chewed. It was tender and juicy and…delicious, almost like an extra-rare steak. Maybe those raw-food hippies were onto something.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

Hunter smiled at her. It was clear that he was their leader, and that he would go first. She tried to smile back, but she trembled so badly that a tear shook loose and ran down her cheek.

Kreg made a crooning noise even as he held her leg firmly, keeping her captive, as if to sooth her. Ellie held her hand up in protest. To her surprise, Bigg grabbed her wrist from behind her and she screamed in fright, but then his mouth was on her bloody fingers, sucking them past his lips, licking them clean.

The sensation was electrifying, turning her fear into desire even as she tried to tug her hand away from the large man.

Hunter made a gesture, and Kreg and Thudd spread her legs wide, wider than she’d ever thought possible.

She stopped trying to pull her fingers away from Bigg’s powerful mouth. It felt good, strange, that strong sucking on the sensitive nerve endings in her fingertips.

“You can suck my nipples,” she whispered, knowing they couldn’t understand her, but hoping they’d get the gist of it anyway. With her one free hand, she offered her breast to Bigg.

Bigg latched his mouth onto her tight peak hungrily, and Ellie moaned, staring at the two men who held her legs so wide apart she couldn’t even rub her thighs together to get some friction where she really needed it.

Hunter reached over her belly, spreading her labia, touching her now-evident arousal and holding his shiny fingers up for Kreg’s innocent eyes to see. The two men grunted, saying something, and from Kreg’s extreme interest Ellie could only imagine Hunter was teaching him about a woman’s secret places.

Kreg grinned at her, and with a nod from Hunter, ran his fingers down her wet slit. The shock of it made her slam her leg shut involuntarily now that he no longer held it open. Bigg took his mouth off her nipple and she moaned, wanting him to keep sucking, keep giving her pleasure.

But Bigg had clearly seen how she’d shut her legs against them, and he was saying something to her in a serious, deep voice, something she knew was important but she couldn’t understand. She imagined it was something along the lines of—

“Don’t fight us or you’ll get hurt. Submit and you’ll get pleasure.”

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  1. This is heady stuff to be reading at 7.40am in the morning!
    Glad you posted it, as the Kindle sample was pretty wee, good call Shoshanna ; )
    I could see you making rare steak pretty popular … x

  2. I agree with Yasmine. I’m all hot and bothered at 10:13am and trying to figure out how I can get sent back in time. I’m definitely looking into this book. Thanks.

  3. I’ve just done it! I’ve bought your book : )
    Right, let’s see how this bad boy turns out!
    I’m publishing ‘Venus’ after Gunshot Glitter, my own little slice of erotica heaven. Good luck with this, Shoshanna! x x

  4. .Really want to see what they do and how she responses. Love the premise. That’s some imagination you have Shoshanna. Ok, can’t wait, buying it now.

  5. I bought it a while back & it is really good. That’s all I’ll say so I don’t spoil it. Well other than, buy it, you know you want to. 🙂

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