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Shoshanna Evers AAD14 BooksigningJoin the Shoshanna Evers Street Team! You’ll get some swag from my lovely assistant Annette, and every month you’ll have a chance to rack up points and win prizes, including signed print books, a character named after you in a story, free ebooks, and all sorts of cool stuff.

The Shoshanna Street Team swag includes bookmarks & business cards to help spread the word (in a non-spammy way!) and an extra little prezzie from me to you 🙂 I’ll also send you an autographed photo!

Whenever new cool stuff becomes available, the Street Team gets it first, including being among the first to know when I have a secret to share…and I’ve got some doozies coming up. *squee!*

 Another bonus: We’ve got a private Yahoo loop (you can also access it through your email, like I do) where the Shoshanna Street Team members can get to know each other, get to know me on a personal level, and talk books! Sign up and you’ll get an invite to join us!

And yet another bonus! A private Facebook group “Shoshanna Evers Street Team” just for us!


Basic Do’s and Don’ts:

Don’t spam people’s emails, blog posts, FB Walls, Twitter accounts, DMs, Goodreads, etcetera. I know I can’t stand it when someone comes on my FB wall just to blast their own book link. *shudders* Also, please *don’t respond* to a negative review on one of my books. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

Do share the love on your own blog, Facebook Wall, Tweet it so people can RT it, and add my books to your Goodreads shelves and lists. Basically, stay classy. If you enjoy my books, an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads is always appreciated, but never feel obligated, natch.

In real life, if you think someone might want to read my books, you can rack up points by handing out a card or bookmark. You can even go into your local B&N and see if they want to give out the free bookmarks at the register.

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