Taste of Candy

Taste of Candy by Shoshanna EversTASTE OF CANDY, a rock star light-BDSM erotic romance novella, originally published in 2011 by The Wild Rose Press, has been re-issued!

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Sizzling Hot Books reviewed it here, and Thomas said:
Taste of Candy is a great book. I loved the way that the author builds the relationship between the two characters. I would recommend Taste of Candy to all erotica readers.”

 “A quick, hot read that completely satisfies!” – New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Probst

Here’s the blurb:

Candace “Candy” Bryce can’t believe her good luck when she wins a dinner date with Dave Roads, the lead singer of a hot new rock band. Not only is Dave a veritable rock star, he’s drop dead gorgeous—and he’s taking it as a personal challenge to be the first man to give Candy an orgasm.

Dave discovers that all Candy needs to come is some ties, some toys, and his merciless desire to discover exactly what Candy tastes like…

And here’s an adult’s only excerpt:

Candy took another sip of the wine to buy time. Who wouldn’t want to hook up with a rock star? And he was so amazingly sexy…but he didn’t know what she was like in bed. According to all three of her ex-boyfriends, she was a prude. A cold, vanilla prude. But something about Dave made her feel sexy and exciting…
“I should tell you something,” she whispered.
Dave leaned in to hear her, a lock of his dark hair falling into his warm brown eyes.
“I’ve never been able to reach, um, that point with anyone.”
Dave frowned. “You’re a virgin?”
“No. I mean, I’ve never been able to have an orgasm with a man before.”
“How do you…relieve the tension?”
Candy lowered her voice even more, so that she could barely be heard above the quiet murmur of the other dining guests. “I’m fine if I’m by myself. Just um…not with anyone else.”
Dave broke out into a grin. “I’m taking that as a personal challenge. I’m going to make you come tonight.”
Was this really happening?
Their food came then, and Candy dove into her filet mignon with relish, enjoying how the meat practically melted in her mouth. “Delicious,” she murmured appreciatively.
“Not as delicious as you’re going to taste,” Dave said as he put down his steak knife.
“I really wouldn’t know.”
“Oh come on, are you telling me no guy has ever gone down on you before?”
“Well, I’ve never felt comfortable enough to do that, exactly. I get embarrassed.”
“I just need to get you to the point where you can’t think about anything except what I’m making you feel.”
Candy squirmed in her seat with barely contained excitement. “How?”
“I’d really like to tie you up so you can’t get away and then take my time bringing you to orgasm.”
Candy got wet at the thought of his mouth on her body, her hands tied above her head. She’d never done anything like that before. “I don’t know…”
“Why not? It’s just one night. One night to forget everything you thought you knew about yourself sexually and just let go.”

You can get Taste of Candy FREE at AmazonB&NKoboSmashwords, and iBooks