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Over Her Knee, Novella 1 in the Becoming Hers Trilogy

“Scorching hot romance scenes, beautiful writing, and a truly imaginative and wonderfully descriptive storyline make this one of the most sensuous, delightful, and sizzling books I have read in a long time.” – Night Owl Reviews

Over Her Knee, Novella 1 in the Becoming Hers Trilogy (Formerly Dominatrix Fantasy Trilogy) by Shoshanna Evers

**Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content.

Blake is in community college, and working as a waiter at retro 50s diner. At school, he’s not interested in the girls he meets at parties. It’s the mysterious woman he waits on at the diner who captivates him with her commanding presence. When Victoria leaves her business card with the bill, Blake realizes that he has a world of experiences to explore with this enchanting, dominating woman…and it must start with him over Victoria’s knee.

She won’t kiss just anyone… and her smiles must be earned. But there’s something about the young man who bares his deepest secret to her, and lets himself be vulnerable, that might just open Victoria’s heart.

Rated NC-17 for mature sexual themes including power exchange. This is an 11,000 word short novella (approximately 40-45 pages), an erotic romance from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Shoshanna Evers.

**Originally published in 2012 under the title Spanked, Novella 1 in the Dominatrix Fantasy Series.

This series is a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!

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Taste of Candy is a Top 3 Free Amazon Erotica Bestseller! This rockstar erotic romance novella was originally traditionally published in 2011, and now that the rights reverted I re-issued it as a FREE ebook as a thank you to my awesome readers.

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Taste of Candy by Shoshanna EversSizzling Hot Books reviewed it here, and Thomas said:
Taste of Candy is a great book. I loved the way that the author builds the relationship between the two characters. I would recommend Taste of Candy to all erotica readers.”

 “A quick, hot read that completely satisfies!” – New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Probst

Here’s the blurb:

Candace “Candy” Bryce can’t believe her good luck when she wins a dinner date with Dave Roads, the lead singer of a hot new rock band. Not only is Dave a veritable rock star, he’s drop dead gorgeous—and he’s taking it as a personal challenge to be the first man to give Candy an orgasm.

Dave discovers that all Candy needs to come is some ties, some toys, and his merciless desire to discover exactly what Candy tastes like…



The free BDSM erotic romance Hannah’s Consequence by Shoshanna Evers is published on the Whipped Cream website here.




Please enjoy Overheated, a short erotic romance available FREE on the All Romance eBooks website here. Overheated has been a bestselling short story in the Erotica category on Amazon Kindle here, where it’s 99 cents, and, and published on Smashwords in all formats for 99 cents, here.

When Katie’s car dies in the middle of Nowhere, Texas, she hitches a ride with the hottest cowboy she’s ever seen. Some quick down and dirty sex with a stranger might be exactly what Katie needs now that she’s stranded—but Joe’s not ready to let Katie go on her way just yet.

If you want it free from All Romance eBooks and have a Kindle, download the Mobipocket (prc) format. If you have a Nook, get the ePub format. If you wish to view it on your computer, get the Adobe PDF. Happy reading!



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Free audio story!

Listen to the sexy short story “Forced Orgasms,” by Shoshanna Evers, narrated by Rose Caraway, by clicking here or on the cover image! This story is featured in Big Book of Orgasm, a #1 Audible bestseller!

Forced Orgasms by Shoshanna Evers, narrated by Rose Caraway