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UPDATE 10/28/14: My reverted EC book is no longer for sale at 3rd party vendors.

I appreciate all of the support, especially on Twitter #notchilled. My main purpose with this post was simply to provide screenshots that could be used as proof for anyone who mentioned me or my experience online. After EC sued DA, I feel the responsibility of making sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else, at least in regards to what is said about my situation. If you’re stating true facts, there should be no lawsuit (I am not a lawyer).

I did have email communication with Patty Marks, to explain what was going on, and she did respond quickly and professionally. I let her know I had sent iBooks and ARe DMCA’s and that they were working on it, and she sent another to ARe from my understanding. I am pleased with how EC handled the takedown. But I’m disappointed they sued DA, and I can’t condone that action.

Below are some true facts.

I’m posting this for those in publishing/writing who are following the #notchilled saga of Ellora’s Cave Publishing’s litigation against Dear Author and Jane Litte.

If you are one of my readers, I’m sorry this post got in the way of all the sexy! (maybe skip over to this Giveaway?)
I’m not asking my readers to do (or not do) anything at all — don’t worry about it!
I’m just grateful you buy my books and support me writing you even more.
I love you guys.

The image below contains my reversion of rights letter for Chastity Belt from Ellora’s Cave, a screen shot of the same book still being sold by EC via third-party retailers, what my own legit version looks like, and this note from me:

Since speculation is already out about this online, I want to offer “proof” for any blogger who had mentioned this. (in case they get sued?) INAL but it’s not libel if it’s true…

  • I did not want to have to jump into the fray, especially with Ellora’s Cave suing DA (kinda puts a chill on free speech without self-censorship).
  • EC gave me my start in 2010, and for that I am forever GRATEFUL!
  • Please note that this “collage” is in NO WAY meant to be disrespectful to iBooks or ARe, both of whom are open to DMCA (recently sent) and are working it out on their end.
  • I DO NOT believe EC is doing this on purpose, nor out of spite. I can’t speculate on why it is, but it is.

I have my own legitimate re-issue of Chastity Belt,
available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook.

This is what it looks like:


Ebook on Amazon
Paperback on Amazon, B&N, & CreateSpace
Audiobook on Amazon, iBooks, & Audible


(Click image below to make it big enough to read)



#notchilled – about Chastity Belt — 6 Comments

  1. Shoshanna, Thank you for sharing. It’s so hard to decipher how to sit and wait (patiently)when dealing with invisible and highly frustrating issues like publishers who can arbitrary do as they please. Some not all. When authors have to hire attorneys and spend a boatload over rights (ours), it’s wrong.

    • Thank you for your support, Susan. My main purpose in posting the screenshots is simply to provide proof that what other bloggers are saying about reverted books still being sold is true and can be proven. I did this to protect the blogger(s) from the fear of being sued by EC for “defamation.” Now that EC has sued DA, we are all walking around on tiptoes, trying to speak the truth without also getting sued. It’s a shame. I wish I didn’t have to post this at all, but I felt bound to do what I could to protect bloggers.

      • I for one appreciate the support and candidness of many of EC’s authors who, despite their own difficulties, have spoken out and stood up for everyone’s freedom to speak.

        • Thank you. I’m glad the shield of silence that protected publishers while hurting authors has started to fall — not just in this case, but with other publishers as well. For a long time, authors were so afraid of being “blacklisted” that no one could say anything without fearing for their career. Now, with self-publishing, authors have a safety net, knowing that no matter what a publisher thinks of them, authors can still get their books to readers.

  2. IANAL, TINLA, etc: The truth doesn’t protect anyone from having a loose cannon filing a suit, but it does provide absolute defense against a defamation claim. In states with strong antiSLAPP laws, it will get the suit tossed out and perhaps provide relief for the defendant costs.

    In other words, proceed with caution and be aware of the risks.

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