Featured in Cleveland Plain Dealer & Glamour!

I had a grand ol’ time at RomantiCon 2012, Ellora’s Cave erotic romance book convention. While there, I got some awesome press. Check it out!

This is in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, a newspaper in Cleveland, where the Con was held.

“Now, EC authors are being scouted by Simon & Schuster and other big houses. Shoshanna Evers, who just inked a six-book deal with the publishing giant, was on hand in Canton sporting a Bettie Page ‘do, autographing her titles (“Snowed in With the Tycoon,” “Held Captive by the Caveman”) and took part in a few of the sexy seminars.

Those included Lap Dancing 101, where she hoped to learn a few moves to use on her husband so he’d steer clear of strip clubs.”

Image copyright 2012 Lynn Ischay, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Thrilled to be covered by The Cleveland Plain Dealer! To set the record straight, I only autographed a few of my EC titles at the book signing, not my self-published ones which she mentioned (that would have been fun though!) and I never worry about DH going to strip clubs… especially after taking that lap dancing class! 😉

In Glamour: 

The journalist chose two books to buy: One of my anthologies (featuring Bedhead) and one of Joey Hill’s! Here’s the pic they posted:

image copyright Glamour 2012


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