Shoshanna Evers in New York Magazine

Snowed In With The Tycoon by Shoshanna Evers, as featured in New York Magazine

The "Million Shades of Smut" flowsheet in New York Magazine, featuring a book by Shoshanna Evers (far right)


As thrilled as I was recently when a friend pointed out my erotic romance Snowed In With the Tycoon was featured in an online flowsheet on, I was *floored* when my father called me to tell me he opened his print copy of New York Magazine to find the same flow sheet featuring my book.

I am humbled and frankly completely surprised (thrilled!) by this super cool (and super random) turn of events. My super-sweet DH had it framed for my birthday, and I wrote this post and promptly forgot to hit “Publish”. So the news, while a few weeks old, is still news (on my wall. In a frame.) LOL

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