Hilarious Article about… Ginger Snap!

 Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this article by Miz Management, entitled “Ginger Snap Changed My Life!”, on Miz Love Loves Books.

The reviewer (Miz Management) gave my Ellora’s Cave Quickie Ginger Snap 5 stars in a separate review, where she said, “If you’d like to find out what ginger-figging is like without actually trying it, I recommend Ginger Snap. 5 Stars” You can read the whole review here.

But you have *got* to read this hilarious article, where she says “My review for Ginger Snap is here, but that book stunned and surprised me so much I had to write an article about it… O. M. G. I have no idea whether I’ll be able to read an erotic book on the train EVER again. And you see that word right there in caps? EVER? Well, add an S and you’ve got the author of a book that literally changed my damn life!

“I chose Shoshanna Evers’ Ginger Snap, and man, you ought to read it if you want to learn something new, heavy breathe, bite your lip…”

Read the whole article here!

And then another author and blogger, Tess MacKall, invited the reviewer to share her thoughts on Four Strong Women, here! I read an article on Miz Love Loves Books http://mizlovelovesbooks.com and it just cracked me up. So I contacted Miz Love and asked if her reviewing sidekick, Miz Management, would like to expand a bit on the article and share with everyone at Four Strong Women.”

I’m so glad that Ginger Snap made such a splash! 🙂

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