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I created this FAQ page because I get very similar emails every day. I *love* getting emails from readers and writers, I truly do! But I figure this FAQ might answer some of the questions readers and writers often have for me.

You have a lot of books! Where should I start?
That depends on what type of story you’re in the mood for, and if you’re in the mood for something shorter or longer. If you want something super short and cheap to get a taste of my writing, try my Amazon Erotica Bestseller, Overheated. I have all of my books listed with tag lines and links by category, for example MaleDom BDSM erotica vs. FemDom BDSM erotica vs. steamy contemporary romance, etc, on this page: And of course, I always recommend my latest release, since that’s what’s new and exciting. Right now that’s the Enslaved Trilogy! Happy reading!

Will you read my unpublished short story/poem/erotica/novel and tell me if it’s any good?
Unfortunately, while I applaud and encourage writers at every stage in the game, I cannot read your unpublished work for numerous reasons. Instead, I recommend you find a writing group, a Romance Writers of America chapter near you ( or a critique partner(s).

Will you read my published book and write a blurb or a review for me?
I make it a point to first read books that are already on my way-too-long and getting longer TBR (to-be-read) list first. If your book happens to already be on that list then I’ll totally leave a review if I can honestly give it 5 stars. I don’t give reviews under 5 stars, so if you think I’ve read your book and I didn’t review it, it might be because it was 4.5 stars :)

If we’re friends on Twitter and/or Facebook and you have a new book coming out, I might offer to blurb it for you, and if we’re really tight yes, you can ask but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to, based on whatever’s going on in my life at the time.

In general, if I’ve read and reviewed one of your published books before, I’m all for blurbing your next one.

Will you do a guest post/interview on my blog?

I’d love to, especially if I have the time. It’s easiest for me if you send me three interview questions and I can do an ebook give-away on your site. To set up a blog post with me, please email my assistant Annette Stone at and she can find a place in our schedules that is good for everyone.

Can I get a free review copy of one of your books?
If you are a reputable book blogger or reviewer, absolutely. Just email my assistant Annette Stone at for a review copy. I appreciate you taking the time to review my books and if you like them I hope you will post your review on Amazon and Goodreads as well! If you send me the link to your review, I’ll Tweet and Facebook it.

If you’re not a reviewer but are still looking for free reads, check out the Free Reads section on my website.

I loved The Dominatrix Fantasy Trilogy. Can I be your submissive/slave/money pig/footstool?
Thank you for reading my books, I’m happy to have you as a reader. However, I am an author and not a Dominatrix. I write fiction, and I am happily married, so…no, sorry.

I love your MaleDom BDSM books. Are you into BDSM for real? Do you want to play? I’ll fly to you.
Thank you for reading my books, I’m thrilled to have you as a reader. I’m an author, I write fiction, and I am happily married and not looking for a partner to scene with, so…no, sorry.

Are you really a kinkster? You sure do write a lot of kinky sex books.
While I keep my personal bedroom doors shut, the bedroom (or dungeon!) doors in my books are wide open! ;)

Will there be a sequel to Overheated?
Yes, Overheated 2 is in the works, but since I’m under some tight deadlines at the moment it might be a while. Please join my mailing list to be informed when a new book comes out.

I’m on your mailing list but when your last book came out I didn’t get an email! What gives?
It may have been caught by your spam filter. Make sure you put in your approved contacts so the newsletter comes through. You can also try signing up again, some emails bounced on the last newsletter so they may have been entered incorrectly by accident.

I have a great idea for a story. I’d like to tell you my bestselling idea, you write it, and we’ll split the profits.
Sorry, I’ve too many ideas of my own as it is! I have an entire folder filled with book ideas that will probably never get written. Besides, ideas for me are the easy part. It’s having the time and discipline to sit down every day and write the book that makes writing harder than it sounds. So… if you want, I’ll give you an idea, you write the story, and we’ll split those profits, LOL :)

This is the part of your book where I had to stop to masturbate…
*Blushes* Glad you liked the book. Fair warning, I’m not always the only one reading reader mail. My assistant and sometimes my husband help out, so even though my books are extremely graphic, it’s probably best if your email to me isn’t. Although, feel free to tell me I spiced up your love life, because that makes me a happy camper! :)

Can I have an autographed author photo?
Yes you can. Just take a look under Autographed Stuff and email my assistant Annette Stone at

If I email you to tell you I enjoy your books, will you email back?
Thank you! Yes I will. I love hearing from readers and writers at And if you join my Street Team, you’ll also get some swag and a chance at prizes for helping to spread the word!


Frequently Asked Questions — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Ms. Evers,
    I’ve recently read “Successful Self Publishing: How We Do It” and I a couple of quick questions. One of the writers mentioned something about having to get a small business licence. If I self publish, do I have to get a small business licence before putting my book out on the market? Or can I just put it out there? How do I copy write my work?
    Thank you, that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll likely send you some more questions as I get closer to finishing my book.
    Relina Skye

  2. ****I’m not a lawyer, and this isn’t legal advice. I might be a moron.***

    Some authors choose to start off by just publishing their books without any business entity. Others choose to get a DBA (doing business as) or an LLC. When I started publishing, I just uploaded my books and didn’t worry about business entities. The more money you make the more sense it makes to look at other avenues. I have one company that I incorporated ( and another that I haven’t yet (my self-publishing arm of my writing business).

    You can register to copyright your work online for about $35, although according to the copyright website, as soon as you write your book down it’s in a “fixed tangible form” as is protected by copyright. Registering the copyright is optional – but it’s also a good idea in case someone plagiarizes you, so you have some proof in case things go to court (from what I understand, which is, admittedly, very little).

    So, again, ***I am not a lawyer*** and I don’t necessarily know what I’m talking about. Go to the source: for the real deal!

    Hope that helps!

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