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  • Shoshanna Evers’ Short Shorts (an anthology of erotic short stories from my other anthologies) – July 28th 2015 – this is almost done!
  • Snowed in With the Tycoon Audiobook, narrated by Christine Padovan
  • Submission: a Shoshanna Evers BDSM anthology – (BDSM novellas book bundle) release date TBD 2015
  • Bedhead – a reissue of the 2011 erotic romance novella, originally published by Ellora’s Cave.
  • Rapunzel (an erotic re-imagining) – another erotic fairytale is in the works! Release date TBD – I haven’t even started this one yet, sorry!
  • Bunking with the Cowboys Series (4 books plus I Am Not Your Melody (prequel, out now) – this is a cowboy romance set in northern Idaho about a group of gorgeous cowboys who run the Bear Creek Saddle Ranch together, and how they find their HEAs. I’m still writing the first book, and since I’m giving it to my agent to sell to a publisher, I have no idea when it will be out. Possibly 18 months or two years from now!
  • Potentially some more erotica short stories written under the pen name Jezebel Lixxx 😉






Coming Soon — 8 Comments

  1. Hey Shoshanna,

    How are you? Just saw that I’m on the cover of “The Pulse” Very cool! An honor to be on there… I gotta ask.. What cover artist did that? I want to credit them on my page…

    Hope you are well.

  2. Looking forward to another sexy fairytale from you especially if beauty and the beast is anything to go by. Thank you for all your amazing stories x

  3. Oh my I really enjoyed I’m not Melody please tell me it’s not going to be that long before Zach book please tell me you may consider self publishing for this series ………… I’m really looking forward to reading Zach story.

    • Thank you, Pamela! I’m not sure when Zach Walker’s book will release, which is why I made sure that I Am Not Your Melody is completely stand-alone. It looks like the Bunking with the Cowboys Series will go with a traditional publisher, so it may take a year or more. If it’s going to take a very long time, I might self-publish a novella that starts before Zach’s story, but I’m not sure. Thanks for asking!

  4. Just finished I’m not your Melody as part of a boxed set. It was a great read read it in 1 day. Will be getting the Bunking with the cowboys series next. You are a great writer, your characters really come to life.

    • Thanks, Paula! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it! Please sign up for my mailing list (click Newsletter in menu, or look on right column here) so you will be notified when the rest of the series releases. My agent and I are in talks with some publishers so it may be a while. In the meantime, I have a very long backlist of books! :)

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